Jun 26 2009

Tu/Th Group Runs

Rain, Snow… So?


This group meets EVERY Tuesday/Thursday morning at 5:30am. They split up into groups as they run. The A group is the fastest; they complete a course that’s longer than 7 miles in an hour. The B group is expected to complete a 6-mile course in an hour, and the C group is expected to complete a 5-mile course in an hour. There are folks that just come to socialize, too; if you’ve just run a marathon the day before, come walk your dog for an hour to start your day!


This is a great place to find LOTS of running buddies. Every pace is represented! Tu/Tr Routes

Homage to the Tuesday Thursday Run Group – by Jon Rosen (Tu/Tr runner)


Guide for Tu/Th Morning Runners


The Tuesday/Thursday running group meets twice a week at 5:30 a.m. at the MKT trailhead on Forum. Although one group, following the warm-up run the group typically splits into several sub groups as follows:


  1. The A Run: 7 + miles. The A runners take their training very seriously. They never cut the route short, because doing so would be selling themselves short. They always do the whole run, they always go the whole distance. That is why the other runners sometimes refer to them as “A-Wholes.”
  2. The B Run: 6-7 miles. The B runners have the same basic athletic ability as the A runners, only B runners are wrought with self doubt. They’re concerned if they do the whole A route, they might be late for work, or strain something trying to keep up, or get too tired. When they arrive back at their cars early, they kick themselves, crying, “I should have done the A.”
  3. The C Run: 5-6 miles.  The C runners are very practical. They don’t see any need to go another mile or two farther when they have a perfectly good loop route they can run. They’re already running more than a 5K, and getting a full cardio workout in, why push it?
  4. The C- Run: 4-5 miles. The C minus runners take the C philosophy to the next level, and are constantly searching for shortcuts to save some steps on that C route.
  5. The D+ Run: 3-4 miles. The D+ runner gets in a short run, and then looks to sky and exclaims, “I’m not getting hit by lightning!” and runs back to the car. This run is only practical on days that are at least overcast.
  6. The D Run: 1-2 miles. The D runners can’t run past their car. On days when the warm up run loops through the wetlands before the regular run starts, they stop at the parking lot and call it a day.
  7. The D- Run: < 1 mile. The D- runners starts out very strong, sprinting ahead of the entire group, hide in the bushes, waiting for the group to pass, and then walk back to their cars. The lead A runners remain awestruck at their athletic prowess.
  8. The F Run: There are no F runners. Anyone who gets up early enough to show up at the MKT Trail by 5:30 a.m. is not a failure.


When figuring grade your grade point average at the end of the semester, it’s the same as in school, A = 4, B= 3, C = 3, D = 1. Days that are below 20 degrees or that have heavy rain are “Weighted Classes,” and are worth an extra point.




  • The Diva Run: C and B routes are straightforward loops. A route requires runners to wander aimlessly in the Highlands for 15-20 minutes, and then try to find their way back to Forum.
  • Dreier Dirty Half-dozen: This route must have about 20 hills on it. No one knows where the half-dozen number comes from.
  • The Rain Route: The rain route is no dryer or less muddy than any other route. But it’s tradition.
  • The Tiger Run: Although a fun, spirit-filled ritual, the Tiger run only seems to help the Tiger’s win when we play weak teams.
  • Don’s Diner Run: Those training for long-distance races may want to stop in the Broadway diner and have an omelet, to build their “eating while running” endurance.
  • Tripp 10K: Named for Mike Tripp, not for the multiple trip hazards on the route (note the two P’s.)
  • Jaira’s Jaunt: Since when is 7.1 miles a jaunt?
  • Rock Quarry/Mulch pile: Runners must bring back a handful of mulch, to prove they went the distance.
  • Hugh’s Hulen Hills: During hot weather, watch for primed water houses for hydration stations.
  • Snow Route: Sticks to major routes, to increase likelihood of getting to experience the excitement of getting sprayed by a snow plow.


Please Note: Regardless of weather or traffic, the running group never uses the expensive pedestrian tunnels that pass under Providence and Stadium. This is not just claustrophobia; many in the group believe the tunnels are inhabited by trolls.


A tip for new runners: Calls of “Hey guys, wait up!” may be ignored after your second or third run. Runners will start wearing headphones and pretend they don’t hear you.