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Tu/Th Group Rides

Group rides take place starting in late April and go until early September (usually around Tax Day to Labor Day). We ride every Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting) and post weekend rides to the listserve.

Definition of Riding Groups:

Racing Group – You know who you are!

  • Usually two speeds for this group. Fast and let’s break the sound barrier fast! (16 mph+)

Nibbler A Group

  • Seasoned Nibblers or seasoned riders who like to push themselves
  • Travels 13-15 mph average depending on the route
  • Takes care of each other – not necessarily a no-drop ride but leaders always emerge from the group at each ride

Nibbler B Group

  • Beginners learning the rules of the road and getting comfortable
  • Road bikes, hybrids and even a few mountain bikes in this group
  • Many new Columbia Multisport Club members have come out of this group to do amazing things
  • Speed varies greatly 10 -13 mph average
  • NO DROP RIDES – we make every effort for this rides to be no drop when a leader and a sweeper are available. In general, this group is amazing at taking care of it’s own and making sure no one is left behind.

The Nibblers will have 8 weeks of lead NO DROP rides from mid April  to  early June on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Details on Rides and Routes:

Tuesday Details Thursday Details
Meet Bethel Park – South Hampton Parking Lot Meet Bur Oak Brewery off Tradewinds Parkway
https://www.google.com/maps/@38.9016836,-92.3435657,16z https://www.google.com/maps/@38.9532133,-92.2155019,16z
5:30 – Racing Group – BTL or Leaders Choice 5:45 – Racing Group
5:30 Nibblers A – leave immediately after racing group. Route posted every Monday on Trigeeks Listserve or leaders choice 5:45 – Nibblers A leave immediately after Racing Group
5:30 Nibblers B – leave immediately after Nibblers A. Route Posted Monday on Trigeeks Listserve or leaders choice 5:45 – Nibblers B leave immediately after Nibblers A
Tuesday Routes (Nibblers Vary by Week) Thursday Route
Nibblers: Work their way up to Scott Blvd. Loop then that will become our route most of the year with a few hill repeats and a Big Tree Loop or two thrown in for variation. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/829310325
Forum Square (4 miles)


Route is Tradewinds to Richland to Rangeline then south to airport (Hwy H), return for 20 miles. On to Hwy Y for 30 miles. Turn around whenever you are ready.
Arrowhead Out and Back (11 miles)


University Building (12)
Arrowhead +1 Old Plank Hill and Back (11 + miles)


Around “S” Curve to Bridge (14)
Scott Blvd. Loop (13 miles) http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1037199015 First Stop Sign after WW (Rt. AB)  (16)
Racing Group:
BTL (Big Tree Loop – 22 miles) http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/995542601