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How to join the Columbia Multisport Club?  

Columbia Multisport Club values your privacy and DOES NOT utilize any third party entity in collecting your membership registration, your information goes directly to CMC.

Fill out ALL APPLICABLE pages of form below AND pay online.


If you have questions about the Club you can visit the About CMC section or feel free to drop the membership committee a note…at
Annual membership is just $35 for individuals or $60 for families.  (Memberships run January-December.  Members joining after Oct. 1 include the following calendar year)


Once you have completed and submitted the form above, please pay online here.

10 Great Reasons to Join the Columbia Multisport Club!

  1. CMC is a club is a club for everyone- not just elite athletes! Actually, a large percentage of our members are new to the multi-sport world. CMC offers support and help to get you going in the sport of your interest. NO MATTER what your ability is, there is a place for you in CMC. We have members that are runners, bikers, swimmers, triathletes along with many other sport specialties.
  2. CMC is a not-for-profit organization with almost 300 members to train with AND play with! We are just about 50/50 men and women members. The average age of our members is 40 years young. Being a member gives you the opportunity to give something back to the sport and the satisfaction that you are building the foundation and opportunities that encourage others to take up a healthful lifestyle.
  3. CMC is integrated into many events throughout the year for people of every age and ability. The list of events is just too long to list here.  You are sure to find a group of CMCers at every event you attend!
  4. CMC has dozens of weekly training sessions for all abilities (during the Spring/Summer months). The Club hosts monthly activities and several social functions throughout the year, including a very big end of the year celebration!
  5. CMC provides support to local youth and health-oriented programs.
  6. Members can subscribe to the Trigeek email list. This e-mail listerve is the lifeblood of the Club. Everything going on with CMC is posted there.
  7. Each year, CMC travels to one group triathlon event. In the past that has been the USA Triathlon National Club Championships. The Club has traveled in mass to Boulder, CO; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Innsbrook, MO; Oklahoma Ciy, OK; Myrtle Beach, SC; Chicago IL; and Loveland CO. These epic trips are a highlight of the year and this is where MANY friendships are born! CMC helps offset the traveling expenses for our members so that everyone can share in the experience! Yes, this trip is about completing a triathlon, but you DON’T have to be fast and you can always just come to cheer on the team! CMC has won the Division I title at 6 of the last 9 National Championships. And although USAT has disbanded the National Club Championship event for 2017, we will still find a group event to go to and make epic memories!
  8. CMC hosts monthly meetings, many with programs, speakers, and clinics. Most of our social functions and activities are free or very low cost to our members.
  9. Low annual dues are only $35 for an individual or $60 for the whole family. This discounts you will get at the shops in town will pay for your membership in short order.
  10. Each year we have a new jersey design. We have several logo apparel items available at reasonable prices.

What are you waiting for? You are missing out on all the Fun!

Family Memberships: A family membership consists of 2 adults (living in the same household) and all children under the age of 18. All family members will be able to attend all club functions, social events and participate as club members in all aspects of the club. All listed family members will receive product or service discounts that the club receives from local or national companies. Both adults will receive voting privileges.

Exception: Single parents can join with their children (under 18 years of age) for the individual membership price of $35. If there are 2 adults in the household that wish to join, you must register under the $60 family membership (as described above).