Jun 25 2009

E-Listserv Policy

Columbia Multisport Club Mailing List Etiquette Policy (Update March 31, 2009)


The CMC mailing list is used for discussion and collaboration among CMC members. This is a closed email list and you must have an active paid CMC membership to participate.  The following is a list of etiquette guidelines that should be kept in mind when communicating through the CMC mailing list:


  1. Use descriptive subject headers. Be specific. Be precise. Vague subject lines (or no subject lines) are likely to be ignored or deleted.
  2. Solicitations, services, business promotions or other offerings resulting in financial business gains are specifically limited to companies that corporately sponsor CMC. This does not apply to individual CMC members wanting to offer specific multi-sport items for sale, etc…


REASONING: The sponsorship income that CMC receives on an annual basis makes up the far majority of the total operation budget. This funding is vital to the projects and missions that CMC supports. The sponsorship agreements with those important and loyal sponsors state they have exclusive rights and access to our members via the CMC mailing list. Specific discounts and other related offers are not included or treated as direct CMC sponsorships. CMC sponsorships are limited to Corporate Sponsors and Jersey Sponsors.


  1. Discussions between one or even a couple people should not be carried on via the CMC mailing list.
  2. Messages should be written with professionalism and tact. Messages that contain obscene or insulting material are not acceptable.
  3. Do not forward a personal email to the CMC mailing list.
  4. When you reply to an email, please do not reply to the entire group UNLESS you are ABSOLUTELY sure you want all members to receive your message. Please choose this option wisely.
  5. Limit any attachments that you send to the CMC mailing list. Many times these can cause problems and are good ways to spread viruses.
  6. Limit any posts that are not directly related to Club activities or multi-sport oriented.  This does not necessarily mean that social or non-multi-sport related items should not be posted. We are only asking that good judgment be used when posting these items.
  7. Carefully proofread your posts prior to sending. Make sure you have said what you meant to say.
  8. EXAMINE THE ADDRESS you just put in the “TO” slot. Do you really want to send private correspondence to the entire list of CMC subscribers.