Jun 25 2009

About CMC

The Columbia Multisport Club (CMC) exemplifies the essence of multi-sport. Born in 2002, CMC has grown into one of the largest and most dynamic multi-sport Clubs in the entire nation. The sport of Triathlon is a large part our Club’s focus. Triathlon combines swimming, cycling, and running; and requires a good balance between training, family, and career.


However, triathlon is NOT our ONLY focus! The goal of CMC is to expand sports and fitness within Columbia and the Mid-Missouri area. CMC promotes a strong group training format, supports local races, provides for community needs and develops a social environment for the multi-sport enthusiast.


A large percentage of our members are new to the multi-sport world. Most of our 300 members are taking their first steps, actually, for many, leaps into the multi-sport world. Whether you are a runner, walker, cyclist, mountain biker or adventure racer, this is the Club for YOU! If your goal is to do your 1st 5K Run, 1st triathlon, 1st marathon or even 1st Ironman this is the club for YOU. You do not have to be a triathlete or even a serious athlete to be part of this unique Club. Some of our members won’t enter a race all year. They would rather enjoy the group training and the camaraderie that comes along with it! Other members are All American caliber and finish near the top of every race they enter. We have members of all ages, all backgrounds, all abilities and all interests. The common thread is that we all love fitness and we are ACTIVE!


All you need is the desire to improve yourself and enjoy giving something back to the community we all share… If you would like more information about the Club or to inquire about membership don’t hesitate to drop our membership committee a note… at membership@columbiamultisport.com


Who is CMC?

Our club members come from all walks of life, both athletic and non-athletic backgrounds. The club boosts a large membership of seasoned athletes, ironmen and ironwomen, first-timers, beginners and even specialists who choose to concentrate on one sport. The club is designed to promote the multi-sport effort and familiarize new members (newbies) with the ins and outs of the multi-sport world!



• Made up of triathletes, runners, bikers, swimmers, adventure racers, walkers, etc…
• Over 300 members strong
• Made up of a large percentage of beginners or newbies.
• Currently 58% Men & 42% Women
• Philanthropic- producing the Challenge to Cure 5K/10K event in Columbia – Over $196,000 has been raised for cancer research at Ellis Fischel. Learn more at challengetocure.com
• Squarely focused on promoting health and fitness within our young people.
• Dedicated to group training. We offer organized weekly and monthly training rides, runs and other activities.
• Social- the Club meets on the second Thursdays of each month. The Club has lots of social functions throughout the year. We are not only fitness and training all the time!
• Volunteering at dozens of sporting and community based functions.
• Connected- our e-mail communications are very active. You will find plenty of people to exercise with!
• Accomplished- we have hundreds of marathon and Ironman triathlon finishes and thousands of multi-sport finishes. We are also 9-time USAT National Triathlon Club Champions!


Do you plan to be part of it?

Where do we train?

CMC offers several training options for our members of all levels. Group rides (mountain and road), runs and swims will take place throughout the year and really ramp up in the spring. Group workouts are generally posted on our website and on our Trigeeks e-mail list. You must be a member of CMC to join the e-mail list. CMC will train together, race together and socialize together. Many new friendships will be made in this club. Do you like to do more than swim, bike, run? The social aspects of the Columbia Multisport Club are very important to the club. We do like to train together, but we also like to have fun. Social gatherings bring our members together, as do the events we participate in. We are training partners as well as friends.

What is expected of me?

We ask that regular club members join in by participating in training events, social functions and club sponsored races throughout the year. Sometimes this may mean just showing up to cheer on other members! We encourage our membership to explore your interests and to participate in other races, not just triathlons, such as road races, open water swims and other charity type events. This club is the perfect place to be what you have always wanted to be!