Nov 09 2016

November Membership Meeting

Join us this Thursday at 7 p.m. at Shakespeare’s WEST, next to Truman’s.

This meeting is going to be a little different format from other meetings you may have attended. We will highlight some important club information then open up the floor to some important discussions. Your input is valuable!

We will also be selling apparel – get your sweatshirt and beanie while supplies last! It’s getting colder out there, you are going to want these!

Activity Updates

-Bonfire – Nov. 19
-Cranktivis – Dec. 3
-Banquet – Jan. 21
Important Business
-Board Nominations
-Banquet Committee
-2017 Membership Renewal
Open Forum
-The Future of Club Nationals – or in lieu of Club Nationals
-Winter Training Ideas as a Club
-Jersey Kits – your wishlist