Nov 19 2012

Kudos Report: November 3-4 and 10-11, 2012


Life keeps roaring ahead, and so does CMC. While some are settling into the off-season, catching up on neglected tasks and forgotten hobbies, others have kicked it into high gear to extend the season.
Jason Zolecki and his family went out for the Give ‘Em the Bird 5k, where he dominated his age group! Way to go, Jason!
The Springfield Bass Pro Fitness Weekend hosted a couple CMCers: Jim McDermott earned a new marathon PR, and Dearld Snider had a great race in the half! Well done, guys!
Girls on the Run is gaining speed in its second year in Columbia. A few CMCers led the way: Jenny Clark 1st overall, Sherry Corwin, and Shawna Victor 5th overall! Speedy role models!
Ultramax took to the streets of Kansas City for the KC15k/7k, and took with them some fast CMCers. In the 15k, Denise Bartels 4th, Jenny Clark 3rd, Becky Hennessy, Carrie Kimber, and Tom May 1st. In the 7k, Kate Kimber 3rd. Fantastic!
Taking to the trail and going long, an intrepid crew went out for the G.O.A.Tz trail ultra with 50k and 21mi options: Jennifer Bennett 50k – 2nd overall female (in her first ultra!), Susan Divine 21mi (her first trail race!), Shawn Goertz 50k (with a HUGE PR!), Karen Hodges 21mi – 1st age group, Andy Pele 8th overall (!), Steve Thompson 21mi – 4th overall, and Matt Widzer 50k. Awesome!
And not to be forgotten, Ironman Florida hosted some hardened vets and a few newbies earning their stripes: Caroline Cue, Bob Grone (his first!), Paul Jelliss, Mackenzie Rickman, and Nancy Yaeger (she crushed her first!). Wooooohoooooo!
Photo of the week: Speedy mom/daughter combo Carrie and Kate Kimber at the KC15k. Family fun at its best. You girls look great!
Thanks, friends, for the cowbell recognition. Knowing how big a deal cowbell is for CMC, this means a lot. It’s been my great pleasure to bring you the kudos reports for the past year and a half, celebrating your achievements and successes both big and small, and sharing smiles through awesome photos. Thanks for letting me be a part of the magic and feel like I’m still home where I belong. Now I pass the torch to my good friend and flag bearer extraordinaire John Stone, who consistently steps up to the challenge in work and triathlon, a phenomenal volunteer and the guy you want standing in your corner. He’ll do a great job and carry on the legacy that others long before me started. Thanks, John, for keeping the kudos report alive.