Apr 17 2017

Group Bike Rides Begin Tuesday, April 18

IMG_0402Group rides will begin tomorrow night at Bethel Park and continue until the beginning of September! Here’s the format of group rides this year! Please read carefully because they have changed slightly from last year (for Nibbler’s especially).

Main changes to highlight:
1) Tuesday wheels down at 5:30 at Bethel Park for EVERY GROUP! The Nibblers will roll out right behind the racing group so we can establish a bit more of a group bond with each other. We are all one team!
2) Thursday wheels down at 5:45 for EVERY GROUP! We give a little more time for folks to get to Bur Oak on Thursday’s but again the Nibblers will roll out right behind the racing group.
3) There will be no Sunday Group ride scheduled each week. I encourage EVERYONE to post their Saturday and Sunday group rides. If it is NO DROP then let folks know that in the post. If it is a DROP ride, that’s okay too, just post your average MPH. Post the route whenever you can and PLEASE post to trigeeks, not just Facebook for those who are not on Facebook. I plan to post several weekend group rides for the Nibblers, just not every week. 🙂
4) We plan to have several socials after the rides this year. Look for at least one a month. We will bring the CMC tent, beverages and snacks so plan on staying a bit after the ride. We will post the group social nights to the listserve.
5) Nibblers PLEASE read: We will be doing the training rides a bit different this year. We will be offering 8 weeks of training rides from April 18 to June 6 both on Tuesday and Thursday. These will be NO DROP rides that give newcomers a bit more introduction to road biking. We will go over rules of the road, signals and group biking best practices. On Tuesdays we will work our way up from 8 miles roughly to 13 miles with 4 routes. See schedule and routes here. On Thursday we will do the out and back on Rangeline adding mileage each week. Beyond the first 8 weeks we will still make every effort to do a no drop ride when leaders are available but by then everyone should be familiar with the routes and the Nibblers are known to take care of each other (no man left behind).
MORE Information – also posted to CMC website!