Jun 25 2009


Q: Where can I get CMC merchandise?

A: Our club jerseys are ordered every year around March. All available items are available at Cyclextreme. CMC hats (by Headsweats) and CMC training shirts will available at these sponsor locations (May 2009): The Starting Block, Walt’s, and Cyclextreme. You can also order basic items: mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc…from our cafepress store.




Q: Why would I want my email on the CMC mailing list?

A: While our website is an important communication tool for the Club, the mailing list is our “lifeline”. There are many group workouts that are NOT listed on the website because they may change from week to week. Workout cancellations, changes, etc…are also communicated through the emails. We highly encourage you to not only join the mailing list, but to also post workouts. This is how you get involved!




Q: Is wearing a helmet necessary?

A: It is the policy of CMC that ALL members wear a helmet if you are attending a group ride organized by CMC. We also require you to wear a helmet ANYTIME you are wearing a CMC jersey.




Q: What is USAT?

A: USA Triathlon is the governing body for most of the triathlon world. One of USAT’s main jobs is sanctioning races and providing insurance for race day. Most races require a participant to purchase a one day license which cost $10. If you plan on participating in 3 or more triathlons, it makes sense to become an annual member. Check out http://www.usatriathlon.org/ for lots of great resources!




Q: I am interested in Cycling Road Races, can I race for CMC?

A: Yes! We are registered as a sponsored team with USA Cycling. Feel free to wear your CMC jersey at any Cycling Event!




Q: Does CMC organize any races?

A: Yes! CMC organizes the Jay Dix Challenge to Cure 5K/10K benefitting Cancer research at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center! We encourage all of our members to run/walk the race or volunteer! Check out http://www.challengetocure.com/ for more info.




Q: I am interested in learning how to swim- what should I do?

A: Getting a few lessons will go along way to help develope your swimming skills. We encourage you to contact one of our sponsors: Macher Swim School or The Starting Block.




Q: What is “Club Nationals”?

A: This refers to the USA Triathlon National Club Championship. This triathlon allows clubs from all over the US to compete against each other. In years past, CMC has traveled as a team to Boulder, CO; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV and St. Louis, MO. We have brought home the Division I Championship Title 4 of the 6 years we have competed. Whether you call triathlon your sport of interest or not, this trip is one that is NOT TO BE MISSED! CMC receives points for every member that crosses the finish line with extra points rewarded for those who place in their age group. This trip is about camaraderie and celebrating CMC! We may not always win, but we have FUN! Will you join us for this year’s trip?




Q: Does CMC have social activities?

A: Sometimes we joke that we “play” more than we train! Our monthly CMC meetings contain some business and provide some education information, but they are also very social! CMC also organizes BBQs, a Fall bonfire party, an end of the year Banquet, rides to the winery and more!



Q: How will I find people to train with?

A: There are MANY group workouts every week. Check out the training calendar for where and when these groups meet. Often, you will find others who are your pace and open up more training opportunities for you! The CMC list serve is also a great place to “post” a ride, run or swim and find lots of workout partners!




Q: What kind of bike should I buy?

A: There are several types of bikes to consider: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, etc…The type of bike you want depends on the type of terrain you plan to ride on. The most versatile bike is a Road Bike. You can ride for recreation or compete in triathlons and road races. In some cases, you can even put different tires on a road bike in order to use it on the trail. To help in your decision, you should talk with other CMC member and check out 1 of our sponsors: Cyclextreme or Walt’s Bicycle and Fitness. They can help you figure out the best solution for YOUR needs.




Q: How do I join CMC?

A: You can register online or print out a registration form. Check out our registration page!




Q: Is CMC ONLY for Elite athletes?

A: No Way! Our membership is for everyone! Many members are training for their 1st 5K or triathlon. Other members are learning to ride a mountain bike or practicing for their 1st cycling road race. Some of our members have no desire to “race”, but love to train and socialize with other CMCers.


Q: I do not own a bike, can I still join?

A: You bet! If biking is not your thing, we have lots of runners, walkers, swimmers and more! We bet that it won’t be long before you own a bike!