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Jessy Wehner, President<WehnerSM president@columbiamultisport.com

I am originally from Ste. Genevieve, MO, and had lived there for a large part of my life until I graduated high school. From high school to my college years, I realized that I enjoyed spending my time with people while working out and being active. It was because of this that I joined CMC in 2013 after I graduated college.

CMC has turned my life around by introducing me to a diverse group of people and creating chances of life long friendships (one of which led to a marriage). I was always a runner by trade, but because of two ACL replacements, I have come to find biking and swimming just as much fun as my past favorite sport. The world of triathlons has become a fun way of challenging myself to see what I can accomplish and how much further I can go with the support of others.

Through others promoting fun bucket-list events to me throughout the years, I have experienced a wide variety of races from the small town of Kirksville’s NEMO sprint/olympic triathlon to 2014’s Canada Ironman in Whistler. Each event had their moments of toil and strain, but they also had the fun moments of laughter and teamwork from this organization. The members of this club give me a purpose to work towards something that I give back to them. I look forward to being this year’s CMC president and am humbled by the opportunity!

april April Greene, Vice President






ABL-Profile-PicAnissa Lockett, Secretary
On the 4th of July, 2013 I dusted off my old “Target Special” mountain bike and decided to take a bike ride. I went about 4 miles and thought I was a rock star! By the end of that season I was biking more and more and having trouble finding folks who would bike more than 10 miles with me, so a co-worker suggested I join Columbia Multisport Club to find other cyclists. In January 2014, I bravely walked into my first CMC meeting and my life has not been the same since! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and no one cared that I was not an Ironman triathlete. They just cared about my desire to improve myself. By February 2014 I was training for my first triathlon (yes, I drank the Kool-aide). I completed TriZou in Columbia, Missouri in May 2014 on a new hybrid bike and amongst cheers and congratulations – even though I was one of the last to cross the finish line.

Since I joined CMC I have upgraded to a road bike, completed two century bike rides, three triathlons and a ½ marathon. I also help lead bike rides for new road cyclists in the hopes they too fall in love with the sport of cycling. I may not be the fastest out there, you might find me walking more than I am running, but I do my best and strive each year to compete only with myself while encouraging others to find something they love and get out there!


Carol Miller, Treasurer


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