CMC’s Amazing Race



Join us in the first ever CMC AMAZING RACE, a challenge race held in downtown Columbia on Nov. 8th at 9AM. Similar to the CBS show “The Amazing Race,” this event combines challenges that are physical mental and probably kinda weird even silly which scatters teams of two all over Columbia.

From the starting line, teams are given a clue leading them to another checkpoint and they must successfully complete challenges—following clues—until they reach the end of the race. The team with the fastest overall time (and successfully completes all the challenges) wins!


  1. Only teams of two can participate
  2. All teams must complete every challenge or a time penally will be applied
  3. Teams will only be allowed to travel on foot
  4. Teams will have a maximum of two hours to complete the race
  5. Cell phones are allowed and required
  6. There is no set “route” each team can decide on the quickest route to each checkpoint
  7. We should probably have more rules but we will go with those for now!




Race Date: Nov. 8th

Check In Time: 8:45AM

Starting Time: 9:00AM

Race Ends: 11:00AM




  • Do I have to register before hand? Yes. We will send out more information via email a day or two prior to the event
  • Will this be family friendly? Yes
  • Is there an age limit? No but we will be picking up everything once the allotted time has elapsed
  • How does this work? Each team will be given a “Route Info” card that will lead you to each station called a “Check point”. Each checkpoint will have a challenge every team member has to complete.
  • How hard are the challenges? We will do our absolute best to make the challenges easy for everyone!
  • Should we expect a professional event production company managing this event? Not a chance
  • Who should I blame if the race goes terribly wrong? Misty Brawner
  • Who should I hug if the race is absolutely amazing? James Krajsa
  • What if I have questions? Email James Krajsa